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American Singles Review

Target Audience

An excellent site for finding dates or relationships in North America. Its style and marketing make this the best site for dating if you are in your twenties.


This is one of the leading dating and relationship sites and for good reason - it's one of the easiest to use and has a very high membership. This translates into lots of choice for you and it has the tools to process the volume easily. We think this is the top "search" style site for dates. If you're part of the 20s crowd and looking for a date, this is the site for you!


Excellent for dates. One of the easiest sites to navigate. The double menu bar at the top keeps everything you need only a click away. We loved the personal home page with all the information we wanted. The help section features real questions from users, with clear and helpful

answers that contain links to the appropriate page.

Best Features

We like the personal home page. It includes thumbnails of profiles that match our search criteria, a thumbnail of our own profile along with an edit button, a listing of our search preferences, and all the lists you could want, including members who have teased, emailed, instant messaged, hot listed or even viewed me. Of course, it has similar listings of everyone I have contacted or viewed. Online dating should not be difficult and this home page makes it a breeze. We also appreciated being able to restrict our photo visibility to paid members. This is a great feature for those concerned about casual browsers. Another nice touch we liked was the "who's online" search that allows you to specify region, age range and language.

Wish List

Our little wish for this site is that they add a premium membership check box to the search. Since only premium members can respond, it would be nice to eliminate from the search those who cannot respond. So many members, so little time means our big wish is that they add 2-way match information and 2-way matching.


This site has some good privacy features. It allows you to hide the fact that you are online, which is great if you just want to check your mail or search without being approached on Instant Messaging. It also lets you hide your profile from searches and match lists, and a separate button prevents your profile from being added to other members' "viewed by" list. Best of all, it lets you restrict your photos to members only. 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